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An excellent question! -- And as you become aware that Hermetic Astrology is not just a science, but a super-science, the scope and influence of which most people are still unaware, you realize that you consult a professional Hermetic astrologer to obtain essential personal information and guidance available to you by no other means! This essential information provides you with many advantages, among which are increased self-understanding and greater personal wisdom, together with the timing and tools to take effective action and create lasting personal success and satisfaction in all areas of your life. In other
words, you consult a professional Hermetic astrologer ...TO FIND OUT EXACTLY HOW TO GET WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE!

Hermetic Astrology is the study of the non-physical, fourth-dimensional
energies emanating from the planets and how these energies stimulate
corresponding centers within the subconscious minds of individuals. These planetary energies travel at velocities greater than the speed of light
and therefore have no physical properties. They impact the mind and the
emotions. The thinking, feeling, and acting stimulated by these energies bring about changes in the physical circumstances and experiences of the individual.


The Hermetic System of Astrology evolved from the research of a number of astrologers working together from the beginning of the 20th Century and led by Brotherhood of Light Initiate and famed astrologer Elbert Benjamine (C.C. Zain). They researched thousands of charts to assess character traits and observed the resulting events and conditions in people’s lives. The results of this research constitutes the basis of this astrological system. Thousands of charts were also checked for mundane astrology and weather prediction and the findings are the basis for those specific techniques. The difference between the Hermetic System and other types of astrological practice is that there is an added tool in the form of more precise calculations called “Astrodynes,” which indicate the volume of power, harmony, and discord of each planet, sign, and house in the individual birth chart. This gives great precision in interpretation. In fact, scores of repeat clients claim that the specificity and personal value of the guidance and advice is more than double what is usually available in readings done by conventional astrological methods!

Astrodynes are the greatest tool ever devised to assist the professional
astrologer to be more scientific, client-oriented and effective as a counselor. Astrodynes properly applied eliminate the “guess-work” that astrologers have been compelled to use in conventional astrological practice. The improvements derived from the Astrodyne technique do not change in any manner the fundamental astrological teachings. They are designed solely to define and facilitate the calculations as well as the explanation of the non-physical, subconscious energies they represent. When combined with the information in your Client-Questionnaire, they greatly assist in determining what trends to expect from each birthchart position and progressed aspect.

Time-after-time clients express their pleasant surprise at the reasonable
financial investment involved in their obtaining a Reading by this revolutionary astrological method. After receiving the audio-taped Reading, many write, call, or email to exclaim how they would have gladly paid twice as much for the value of the insight and practical advice provided!

You are invited to read the details which explain how you can acquire your own personal Hermetic Natal Reading, together with your Current Birthchart Progressions for a full year -- and join hundreds of satisfied, repeat clients who know Hermetic Astrology really works!

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