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“I received the tapes yesterday, and am deeply enjoying your analysis. I must tell you it is one of the most comprehensive and flowing readings I have ever received. While I think this has to do with the alchemical nature of Hermetics, which you incorporate so well, I think it also has to do with your own natural abilities. Plus, you have a wonderful voice, so this style of reading, i.e. through audio tape, is a delight.” -- P. G., Boston, MA

I am amazed, and completely in awe of your wisdom and knowledge. The tapes have given me great insight and understanding about myself, and my interactions with others. So many times in my life I have been given opportunities to learn and grow, but the lessons and knowledge I gained from you has made THE biggest difference in my development and growth. Thank you for all that you do. -- S.D., Phoenix, AZ

“I have had lots of readings over the years and I asked myself why they could never tell me anything practical I could put to use in my life. I just wanted to tell you that you are truly gifted. The Reading is all right on target and filled with practical, down to earth advice.. Not only is it opening my eyes to the magic and power of Astrology, but it also really makes me see just how great a benefit an individual can be to others when he is doing what he was sent here to do, as you clearly are.” -- A recent message from a satisfied client.

“The interpretation is so right on and really helped me to get a calmer perspective of my situation and really reinforces what I intuitively feel. I am so grateful for your guidance and support also. It means alot to me.” -- G.A., Stuttgart, Germany

“I am enjoying my tapes tremendously! I am also feeling much better physically as a result of your excellent advice and help. -- M.C., Peoria, AZ

“There isn’t enough money in the world to equal the value of the information and guidance I receive from your readings year after year! I want to personally acknowledge what you have done for me...I truly appreciate your efforts and your time and energy, that I might have a fuller and more productive physical and spiritual life.” -- C. S., Phoenix, AZ

“Rev. Dr. Durocher is the quintessential counselor, whose warmth, wisdom and intelligence serve as a benchmark for the metaphysical community.” -- P.H., Bernardston, MA

“With your advice and guidance I have learned to enjoy life, comfortable in the knowledge that everything is a manifestation of good.” -- S.W., New York, City

“Our readings have been helpful, comforting, thorough, and an overall joy...thank you for your insight, intuition, direction, and always positive example and attitude...all is greatly appreciated.” -- G.F., & D. O., Keene, NH

“We are so happy to have found you during our recent visit to the United States! Our tapes have been a continuous help to us, as they are filled with insight we can use throughout the year. Thank you also for astrologically selecting the date for our wedding next year.” -- A.M. & R.L., Chamonix, France

“Amazingly accurate, insightful and extremely helpful.” -- S.L., South
Acworth, NH

“Your guidance and help have given me the courage to get on with my life!” -- L.P., Westfield, MA

“Everyone should be aware of and make use of this tremendous method of insight and help!” -- D.T., London, England

“Many thanks! Your help and guidance have made all the difference in my life. You are warm, caring and articulate, all at the same time.” -- S.L., Norwalk, CT

“When realized as a tool to further and deepen personal understanding, Hermetic Astrology can be the most beneficial and enlightening science.”
--A.L., Troy, NH

“Thank you for all that you have taught and shown me. I am eternally grateful for the privilege of meeting and knowing you.” -- M.L. , Peoria, AZ

“For more than 12 years the Readings I’ve had have been full of insight and amazingly helpful!” -- J.G., San Jose, CA

“ I have known Rev. Dr. Russ Durocher for more than 10 years and I have been a client throughout this period. He is a gifted astrologer who provides superb guidance and also exhibits a genuine enjoyment of the field. Russ is a true professional, offering advice garnered from real insight, a wealth of experience and continued follow-through. He offers clients a unique combination -- compassionate advice and remarkable accuracy. I whole-heartedly recommend him!” -- D.R., New York City

“I’ve been bragging about you! You always give me such help. I feel that you are a dear friend.” -- B.S., Ulysses, PA

“Thank you so much for the reading. It was the best I have ever had! You have certainly given me a lot to think about--very accurate.”-- K.F., Phoenix, AZ

“I wanted you to know that I have listened to my tape all the way through (the first time) and it is the BEST reading I have every had. You really have a gift and I am grateful!”-- L.F., Phoenix, AZ

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