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  From Rev. Dr. Russ Durocher

My work for you consists largely in a careful appraisal of the possibilities open to you as revealed by a thorough study of your Birth Chart and your current progressed aspects; and in offering you advice and instructions that will enable you to take the utmost advantage of such possibilities. Most events are not inevitable. Events are attracted due to the organization of certain thought-patterns in your subconscious mind. It lies within your power to change these thought-patterns and to divert their energies into channels of your own choosing.

Your Birth Chart maps the natural tendencies and qualities with which you were born. It is a map of the effect of the previous experiences of your soul. It is not a map of unchangeable conditions, but of your character, and your power to attract conditions. Life presents a series of challenges to everyone, and my extensive training in the Science of Hermetic Astrology is designed to qualify me as an expert in assisting you with my knowledge to successfully meet these challenges in the most advantageous manner.

There is a best course of action and a best mental attitude under any condition that may arise. It is my function to discover these for you, and to make them clear by pointing out the path of constructive endeavor which will bring you the most favorable results. A Personal Consultation with me may very well be the single most important investment you will ever make in yourself, your life and your personal future!

Russ Durocher

E-Mail bishopruss7@aol.com

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